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CT Laboratories LLC has over 30 years of experience providing analytical support for landfills in Wisconsin and nationwide, including groundwater monitoring, leachate and compost/biopile testing. Specialty services include low level VOC analyses (Vinyl Chloride down to 0.02 ppb) and custom trend and exceedance reports.

Major Commercial Solid / Hazardous Waste Landfills

                multiple national / regional companies


Commercial Landfill Recycling / Recovery Companies


Construction & Demolition Landfills


Municipal Landfills:

                City of Adams Landfill

                Boscobel Landfill

                Monroe County Landfill

                Dane County Landfill

                Sauk County Landfill

                West Allis Landfill

                Columbia County Landfill

                Juneau County Landfill


Federal: Oxford Federal Landfill


Active Military Installations: Ft. McCoy


Former DoD Facility Landfills:

                Badger AAP Landfill

                Pueblo Depot Landfill / Roll-Offs

                Lockbourne AFB Landfill

                Anniston AAD C&D Landfill

                Fort Custer Dump Site